About Manic Mochi Studios


Manic Mochi is a vibrant fusion of our passions and personalities. Founded by Froggy Tomson and Lanshearts, both proudly autistic, our brand is a celebration of all things nerdy, gaming, and irresistibly kawaii.

We specialize in crafting whimsical accessories, from enchanting keychains to charming jewelry, playful pins, and delightful miniatures.

At Manic Mochi, we understand the unique needs and desires of the pop culture community, because we're avid members ourselves.

Our brand identity is a testament to our genuine love for this world, promising a colorful and inclusive space where fellow enthusiasts can find treasures that resonate with their inner geek.

Join us on a journey through the delightful realm of Manic Mochi, where individuality and pop culture unite in perfect harmony.