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Manic Mochi Studios

Berry Gold Astral Rays

Berry Gold Astral Rays

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Astral Rays

Manic Mochi Studios Introducing a cute Astral stingrays that will make a great addition to any fidget collection or desk pet. This 3D printed stingray features a hand-painted design and is made of durable plastic material PLA and comes with a stand. Its measures arounds 4 inches. The filament Shifts between Blue and purple depending where the light hits it. Any purchase of any 3D prints receive a sticker of said creature.


~We are an Authorized seller with Cinderwing3D and this model is design by Cinderwing3D

*This product can be a choking hazard for small children. Supervision is strongly advised*

 Please note that 3D printed items are made by adding very thin layers of plastic, one layer at a time. Slight imperfections / rough edges are expected, but I work hard to avoid them. The golden spots/stripes are hand painted  thus the spots are randomized, has resin embellishments on eyes and Star on forehead. All items are made to order, so please be patient as we work hard to give you a quality product. Thank You!

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